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  1. Name: Kobe/ Discord Tag: 1538# xv savage Age: 14 How long have you been a part of our Community AFS? 8mins Why would you like to become a certified Member? cause I love to rp and my friends say that it is a good community Tell us about yourself. im a good person I listen I am good at rping and i love playing basketball, and my name is ryan
  2. In-game Name: kobe/ Discord Name: #1538# xv savage How long have you been a part of our community AFS Roleplay? 6mins Do you have any recent Law Enforcement RP experience? Yes I do in Washington role play Tell us a little bit about yourself, What do you do on your free-time? What I do on my free time I read books and I play Minecraft. Role-Play Name: Ryan Dubs Address (ex. Alhambra Drive west): VineWood Hills Why would you like to become a Sheriff's Deputy in our Department Cause I think I can make some sort of difference to the community. What rank would you like to reach within our Department? at least lieutenant What makes you stick out from our other applicants? That I listen a lot and I would do what ever a higher rank says to me