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  1. In-game Name - Seltrox Discord Name - Seltrox#0001 Age - 14 How long have you been apart of AFS? - 2 weeks Do you have any role-play experience within the FIre/EMS Department? [Yes/No] (If yes explain:) - I've been apart of another fire department in the past and it was a very enjoyable experience, I learned about what to do in the situation that there is a fire along with how to contain the fire. Why do you wish to join AFS' Fire/EMS Department? - I've seen houses, building, etc. about to burn straight down to ash but then the firefighters come to the rescue and save the burning building. It would be such a huge honor to join the Fire/EMS department because saving a building from a fire is more than just spraying it with a hose. The main priority is to keep everyone in the building safe and make sure that no one is left inside the building. Saving a lives of others is the biggest honor anyone can be given. Why should we choose you over other applicants? - I'm able to maintain the fire so that the building and mainly the people are able to get out alive and survive the fire and the fumes. Once I've contained the fire I'll let the residents know that there house has some minor or major damages but I'll explain that surviving the fire is way more important than worrying about there property because things like property can be fixed. Do you have real life knowledge of Fire / EMS? [Yes/No] (If yes explain:) - I've been inside Firetrucks as I was growing up and it always is in much of my interest to become a firefighter not just only for the truck but also because I know that at the end of the day after I put a fire out at a building, etc. I can feel good at what I did, I didn't just only save a lot of lives I also saved someones future in living at that building or working at that building. They'll be able to return back to their work or home knowing that it is safe from any fire dangers. Anything else you wish to add? - Overall, my main priority is to get the people out and keeping them safe as the fire is contained. At the end of the day a life is way more important than a property. My main duty would be to keep the community safe from the treats of fire along with the sadness of loosing a life or a important/meaningful house/building.
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  4. Name: Seltrox Name in Discord: Seltrox#0001 | Discord nickname: [D-108] Seltrox Age: 14 How long have you been a part of our Community AFS? I've been part of the AFS Community for around 2 weeks and I have been apart of the AFS Discord server community for 7 days. Why would you like to become a certified Member? It is much of my interest to become a certified member of the community because I really want to show how much I enjoy the server. I also want to represent my hype for the server's up coming features along with having the feeling that I'm apart of something "bigger." Being mixed in with the large group of members on the community makes it harder to meet new people along the way, but having the member role along with being a official certified member I can feel more apart of the community. To conclude, I will also be able to show how I'm more "apart" of the community because I'm a certified member and I'll also be able to show my friends that being a certified member is very special and a great honor. Hopefully it will be in their interests to apply for the membership as well. Tell us about yourself. I'm currently in my freshman year of high school (9th grade) and I'm enjoying every single moment of it, except mid-terms and finals. Other than that high school is very enjoyable, I get to be around my friends and have a good time. In my leisure time after school I really enjoy mountain biking with my friends along with playing the AFS server.